Strength class:

1.5 hour class (no cardio)

10 visits per month

$100-$115 per month​

Personal training:

1 hr $75 or $100 group privates

Group WOD classes:

1 hr class/ class max 16 people

​​MEMBERSHIPS/ programs​​


Open gym:

1-2hrs free gym time of your choice

women's on weds.:

1 hr class focus on upper body/core


ages: 11-17 years

weekly pass $50/ Daily drop in $20

women's drop in class $15


1 hr class on sunday mornings

early bird membership (8am earlier)

$79 per month

10 punch pass (4 month expiration)


membership rates

unlimited membership

$160-140 per month

new to crossfit acclimation course:

$60 for 4 classes